Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Live gamecast of NMSU vs. Idaho

New Mexico State University vs. Idaho Vandals - live gamecast at the Pan American Center.

FINAL SCORE: Aggies 74, Idaho 57

Final recap: Apparently, Aggie students got the memo that tonight's game was nationally televised, and they came out in force. At the end of the game, Aggies coach Marvin Menzies proudly hailed the Aggies' student section as the sixth-man, which may have made Troy Gillenwater a bit disappointed, but definitely happy for the win. A lackluster crowd showed up for tonight's game, but the Aggies still managed to dominate the Idaho Vandals, 74 to 57, with strong support from students.

The story of the night was the Aggies hot 3-point shooting. They were 12-26 from three-point land, with guard Jonathan Gibson, guard Jahmar Young and Gordo Castillo each with 3.

For the Aggies, guard Jahmar Young led all scorers with 23 points, followed by guard Jonathan Gibson with 15 and forward Wendell McKines with 11.
The Vandals' leading scorers were center Kyle Baron with 10 points and guard Kashif Watson, also with 10.

Leading board-grabbers for the Aggies were forward Wendell McKines with 12 and Hamidu Rahman with 11. McKines nearly had a triple double, he also dished out 8 assists.

The Aggies are now 18-9 and 10-3 in WAC Play. Idaho is 13-14 and 4-9 in conference play.

Next up, the Aggies face Boise State University at the Pan American Center, at 7 p.m. MST.


Halftime recap: The New Mexico State Aggies are at their best when they have balanced scoring. In tonight's game at the Pan American Center, guard Jahmar Young has scored 9 points, center Hamidu Rahman has 8 points and Las Cruces Native, guard Gordo Castillo has tallied up 8 points, six from three-point land.

The Idaho Vandals are struggling with the two Aggie bigs, power forward Troy Gillenwater and center Hamidu Rahman. The Aggies have out-rebounded the Vandals 21 to 20, with five of the Aggies' boards coming on the offensive end. Rahman has tallied up 8 boards, and forward Wendell McKines has 4.

Idaho's main scorer, guard Mac Hopson, has 5 points, 3 rebounds and two assists. Idaho guard Kashif Watson leads Idaho with 6 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist.

The Aggies are shooting 54 percent from the field, 50 percent from three-point land, and 66 percent from the free-throw line.

The Idaho Vandals are shooting 32 percent from the field, 33 percent from three-point land, and have not attempted any free throws in the first half.

Aggie starters have accounted for Aggies' 30 points in the first half, with the bench pitching in 11.

Idaho's starts have accounted for Vandals' 15 points in the first half, with the bench pitching in 8.

18:38: Wendell McKines jump shot, Aggies 2-0

17:50: Kashif Watson, Idaho, layup. Aggies 2, Idaho 4.

17:08: Kashif Watson, Idaho, block on Jonathan Gibson.

16:55: Hamidu Rahman, NMSU, layup, Aggies 4, Idaho 4.

16:24: Foul on Steffan Johnson, Idaho

16:24: Two free throws made, Jahmar Young. Aggies 6, Idaho 4.

15:45: Marvin Jefferson, Idaho, dunk. Aggies 8, Idaho 6.

14:38: TV Time out

13:00: Hamidu Rahman, layup, Aggies 10, Idaho 10

13:24: Kashif Watson, layup, Aggies 8, Idaho 11

13:38: Mac Hopson, Idaho, three-point basket, Aggies 8, Idaho 9

11:30: Gordo Castillo, three-point basket, Aggies 15, Idaho 11

11:15: Luciano de Soza, Idaho, three-point basket, Aggies 15, Idaho 14

10:32: Troy Gillenwater, three-point basket, Aggies 18, Idaho 14

9:36: Jahmar young, offensive foul

9:15: Jeff ledbetter, Idaho, three-point basket, Aggies 18, Idaho 17

9:00: Shawn Henderson, Idaho, two-point basket, Aggies 18, Idaho 19

8:41: Hernst Laroche, three-point basket, Aggies 21, Idaho 19

7:30: Hamidu Rahman, layup, Aggies 23, Idaho 19

7:24: TV timeout

6:41: Gordo Castillo, three-point basket, Aggies 26, Idaho 19

6:29: 30-second timeout, Idaho

6:15: Marvin Jefferson, Idaho, dunk, Aggies 26, Idaho 21

4:53: Foul on Marvin Jefferson, Idaho

4:36: Jonathan Gibson, three-point basket, Aggies 29, Idaho 21

3:59: Jahmar Young, three-point basket, Aggies 32, Idaho 21

3:07: Jonathan Gibson, foul

3:06: TV timeout

2:35: Hamidu Rahman, foul with two-point basket, Aggies 34, Idaho 21

2:02: Jahmar Young, two-point basket, Aggies 36, Idaho 21

1:16: Foul Luciano de Souza, Idaho

1:13: Mac Hopson, Idaho, Dunk, Aggies 36, Idaho 23

0:31: Hamidu Rahman, layup, Aggies 28, Idaho 23

0:06: Timeout, Aggies

0:02: Wendell McKines, three-point basket, Aggies 41, Idaho 23

0:00 Halftime

-----Start of second half-----

19:44: Foul, Hamidu Rahman

19:44: Marvin Jefferson, Idaho, one of two from the free throw line, Aggies 41, Idaho 24

19:32: Wendell McKines, two free-throw baskets, Aggies 43, Idaho 24

18:51: Foul, Wendell McKines

18:51: Justin Stewart, Idaho, two free-throw baskets, Aggies 43, Idaho 26

18:40: Jahmar Young, three-point basket, Aggies 46, Idaho 26

18:06: Jonathan Gibson, two-point basket, Aggies 48, Idaho 26

17:37: Foul, Jeff Ledbetter, Idaho

17:37: Jahmar Young, missed two free throws

17:25: Kashif Watson, Idaho, two-point basket, Aggies 48, Idaho 28

16:46: Kashif Watson, Idaho, two free-throws made, Aggies 28, Idaho 30

16:36: Jahmar Young, three-point basket, Aggies 51, Idaho 30

15:42: Kyle Barone, dunk, Aggies 51, Idaho 32

15:35: Idaho timeout

15:17: Gordo Castillo, three-point basket, Aggies 54, Idaho 32

14:45: Mac Hopson, layup, Aggies 54, Idaho 36

14:30: Jonathan Gibson, three-point basket, Aggies 57, Idaho 36

13:50: Kyle Barone, Idaho, layup, Aggies 57, Idaho 38

13:00: Jonathan Gibson, dunk, Aggies 59, Idaho 38

12:00: Wendell McKines, layup, Aggies 61, Idaho 38

11:40 Luciano de Souza, three-point basket, Aggies 61, Idaho 43

10:30: Jahmar Young, reverse layup, Aggies 65, Idaho 43

9:40: Shawn Henderson, reverse layup, Aggies 65, Idaho 45

8:38: Foul, Hernst Laroche

8:38: Shawn Henderson, Idaho, made one free-throw baskets, Aggies 65, Idaho 46

7:26: Foul, Gordo Castillo

7:26: Shawn Henderson, basket and a free-throw, Aggies 65, Idaho 49

7:03: Foul, Wendell McKines

7:03: Marvin Jefferson, one of two free-throws, Aggies 65, Idaho 50

6:40: Jahmar Young, dunk, Agies 67, Idaho 50

4:00: Jonathan Gibson, three-point basket, Aggies 70, Idaho 50

3:31: TV timeout

3:06: Kyle Barone, Idaho, layup, Aggies 70, Idaho 52

2:40: Jahmar Young, layup, Aggies 72, Idaho 52

2:00: Jahmar Young, layup, Aggies 74, Idaho 52

1:15: Luciano de Souza, Idaho, three-point basket, Aggies 74, Idaho 55

00:24: Foul, Kelly Merker

00:24: Kyle Barone, two free-throws, Agies 74, Idaho 57


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New Mexico State really should consider making the area just above the bench and tables surrounding the court the "student" section. They're the ones that seem to "show up" when there's a late-night televised game. Duke does it...and while we aren't quite on par with Duke, we still have spirit and would have even more. Sell the seats, if you're worried about money. The die-hard fans like my brother would pay big bucks to have a seat behind the opposing team's bench. Plus, it looks better on television.

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