Thursday, March 11, 2010

WAC Men's Quarterfinals - Utah State vs. Boise State (Final USU 84, BSU 60)

Final USU 84, BSU 60

Live coverage, commentary and score updates from the first game of the WAC Men's Basketball tournament.

First half, Lawlor Events Center - Reno, NV.

0:00 The Utah State fans came out in force. They're drowning out the Boise State band.

18:00 USU is 3/3 FG to start the game.

17:00 Jared Quayle, long-range two (uncovered). USU is off to a hot shooting start.

15:45 After a slow start, Boise State is picking up the pace. They're picking up points in transition while Utah State is shooting the ball fairly well.

14:40 Pooh Williams, USU, open three. USU is up 11 after trailing by 2 at the 15 minute mark.

14:11 Timeout. USU, Shooting 55.6%, BSU 38.5%

13:11 A much closer game than expected. BSU is playing tough in the paint and hustling on the both ends of the floor. I don't think USU expected them to come out with this much intensity.

11:30 BSU is losing focus. USU has made consecutive baskets under the paint and a three-pointer that got the crowd going by Brian Green.

11:23 Timeout. USU, Shooting 61.5%, BSU 31.6%. BSU points in the paint, 11, USU, 6. BSU fast break points 4, USU 2.

9:11 Brian Green, USU, open three. USU starting to run away. BSU has no answer to USU's pick-n-pop spot-up threes.

7:28 Timeout. USU shooting 57.9%, BSU shooting 29.6%. BSU Points in the paint, 14, USU 10. USU bench points 6, BSU 0. BSU leading scorers - three tied at 4. USU leading scorers - two tied at 6.

5:59 Timeout.

4:51 BSU 5-0 run.

4:40 Timeout BSU. USU is feeling the pressure from BSU's relentless attack in the paint and occassional pressure on the defensive end, which has led to five USU turnovers.

4:00 Jared Quayle, USU wide-open three.

3:00 Tai Wesley turnover. (Robert Arnold block (2)) Robert Arnold jump-shot.

2:26 Timeout. USU Shooting 50%, BSU 36.4%. USU leading scorer Jared Quayle, 7. BSU leading scorer Daequon Montreal, 9. USU boards 19, BSU 15. USU points in the paint, 10, BSU 20.

1:16 Bill Sproat, aka "Wild Bill" is here, dressed in a skimpy pink outfit. I'm sure someone sponsored him to come to Reno.

0:02 Paul Noonan, three-pointer at the buzzer.

0:00 Halftime


Note: I did not expect BSU to come out with this much intensity. They're a scrappy team. BSU's Robert Arnold is showing incredible hustle, and has gotten in a couple of confrontations with USU's Tai Wesley. USU has looked notably frustrated at several points in the game. Tyler Newbold came awfully close to getting T'd up.

BSU's performance in the paint makes me think there could be a "formula" developing here for attacking USU's pressure D. They're finding the open man down low, USU is not double teaming in the paint, and BSU is getting some awfully easy 3 and four foot gimmes. The game could easily be tied if not for a couple of in-and-out BSU layups.

USU has a strong presence here in Reno. The atmosphere is definitely in USU's favor. I've always been impressed with USU's rowdy fanbase but to hear their rehearsed chants (they've got one for almost every situation) is a bit intimidating. Makes me hopeful that NMSU's Crimson Crew, which launched this year, can achieve similar success and organization for its student fanbase.

The big difference maker in this game so far has definitely been USU's pick-n-pop open threes (5-10) and BSU's clumsy three-two zone that has been unable to stop it.

FG: 46% (14-30)
3-pt: 50% (5-10)
FT: 100% (2-2
Leading scorer: Jared Quayle, 9
Leading rebounder: Tai Wesley, 7

FG: 37.1% (13-35)
3-pt: 12.5% (1-8)
FT: 60% (3-5)
Leading scorer: Daequon Montreal, 10
Leading rebounder: Robert Arnold, 4


2nd Half

18:04 Tyler Newbold, open three

17:00 Offensive foul, Tai Wesley, 3rd personal

16:28 Tai Wesley, layup. USU is regaining poise and control on both ends of the floor.

15:23 Timeout.

Top Performers
BSU: Anthony Thomas 7 Pts, 4 Ast, 3 Stl
Utah State: Tai Wesley 10 Pts, 8 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk

13:40 Robert Arnold uncontested three. BSU 7-0 run

13:08 Tai Wesley, layup and one. Missed three-throw

11:45 BSU losing focus. They look tired. Sloppy on both offense and defense. They're letting USU's bigs overpower them and not getting back in transition.

9:00 Ike Okoye, fast-break dunk (crowd pleaser)

8:54 Timeout. USU Shooting, 50%. BSU Shooting 37.3%.

Top Performers
Boise State: Robert Arnold 11 Pts, 5 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk
Utah State: Tai Wesley 14 Pts, 9 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Stl, 3 Blk

8:37 La'Shard Anderson three.

7:16 BSU is simply getting outhustled. They look tired. Hope they haven't conceded the game just yet, still 7 solid minutes left to play.

4:44 BSU's Robert Arnold just denied USU's Brady Jardine's dunk. It was ugly. After the play, Arnold shoved Jardine around. No call. Interesting to see how this game will finish, physically.

3:49 Timeout.

Top Performers
BSU: Daequon Montreal 16 Pts, 4 Reb, 2 Ast
USU: Tai Wesley 16 Pts, 10 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Stl, 3 Blk

3:34 BSU is gift wrapping the ball and giving it to USU.

0:55 Sloppy and disappointing BSU finish after their explosive first half of play.


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No one has to sponsor Bill Sproat (Wild Bill). He just happens to be a true fan!

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A true fan of cheeseburgers!

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