Friday, March 12, 2010

Now playing: No. 1 Utah State vs. No. 4 Louisiana Tech

USU 85 - LT 55, Final

Top Performers
Louisiana Tech: D. Jackson 10 Pts, 3 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Blk
Utah State: J. Quayle 16 Pts, 5 Reb, 4 Ast, 1 Stl

WAC semifinals: No. 1 Utah State vs. No. 4 Louisiana Tech at the Lawlor Events Center in Reno, Nev.

Stay tuned for a live blog of New Mexico State vs. Nevada.

---Begin first half---

15:27 Looks like LT's Magnum Rolle tweaked his ankle. No word yet if he'll return to the game. On a lighter note, LT's Kyle Gibson is looking much better than yesterday.

15:00 Tai Wesley got a "no-no" from the ref for being too aggressive. What ever happened to calling a foul?

14:00 Pooh Williams missed wide-open three

13:00 Jared Quayle transition layup. USU is looking fierce.

13:18 Tyler Newbold with a ridiculous three-pointer off the window/De Andre Brown returns the favor with a tray of his own.

10:57 Newbold with another three.

9:46 Brian Green missed a gimme layup. That's why he shoots threes.

6:05 Jackson Mayer three-pointer

4:55 Jared Quayle three-pointer. Is this game already over? I think so.

3:37 Second foul on Tai Wesley.

1:10 The masked man Brady Jardine with a wide-open layup. Kerry Rupp is furious.

0:00 Halftime. Even Bill Sproat completely naked eating an ice cream cone couldn't make this game interesting. I bet ESPN is glad they didn't air this one. LA Tech can't find a way to score. They're missing easy baskets in the paint and their shooters are trigger-shy or completely intimidated. On the other side, USU is executing to near perfection. Without some help from Magnum Rolle in the second half (if he returns), this one's in the bag for the Utags.

Update: Looks like Magnum Rolle is out for the game with a sprained ankle.

---2nd Half---

19:15 DeAndre Brown three. LA tech needs about 6 more of those or a miracle to get back in this one.

17:54 Tai Wesley uncontested layup. Why is LA Tech scattering like roaches when USU drives the ball? That's not even their game. What a disappointing showing by the Bulldogs.

14:40 David Jackson layup followed by Jared Quayle three-pointer. This one's a yawner.

12:40 La Tech hasn't made any adjustments on either end of the ball. You can't win games without making the right adjustments on the fly. There's no next-time for La Tech.

11:40 Brian Green three-pointer. USU remains flawless in its execution of pretty much every play they've ran so far on the offensive side. The nearest defender was a good 10 feet away.

9:15 Kyle Gibson three-pointer. He's limping getting back on D.

5:29 Foul on Olu Ashaoulu. Not much has changed. LA Tech seems to be in no hurry to get back in this game. They've conceded defeat with 5 minutes left in the game. Stew Morrill just subbed out all of USU's starters. They'll be well-rested for tomorrow's championship game.

1:13 Tyrone White layup. Make it 17 in a row for the Utags. She's a goner.

Final score, USU 85 - LT 55

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