Friday, March 12, 2010

"Quote-a-palooza" from yesterday's post-game press conference

Coah Marvin Menzies on the Aggies' second-half surge vs. San Jose State:

"In the second half, we got a nice little run and our defense sparked it.The defense set the tone.
It's championship time and you have to play defense to win championships. I'm optimistic (about our defense) after seeing their performance tonight."

On preparing for SJSU:
"We did tweak a few things from the last time we played San Jose. They did a very good job of scoring against us the first few times.
They've got some seniors who I saw weren't going to go down without a fight. At least we kept (Adrian) Oliver from scoring 40 on us."

On upping the playing time for Tyrone Watson:
"I said I'll give him some minutes and if he plays well you elongate his minutes.
It keeps a couple of the guys fresher.
Ty was a factor in his effort, energy and defense. He was much-needed boost off thee bench. Gordo (Castillo) also played some real good defense."

On Wendell's scrappy performance and rebounding:
"Wendell is a warrior. He's a double-double machine.
We're doing a better job of rebounding on defense. We're trying to get guards more involved in rebounding. They really helped us in our rebounding effort. When we've been in man theyve had a tendency to want to leak out but i think theyre figuring it out now."

On preparing for tonight's game against Nevada:
"We will do some things differently but if I tell you what I'm going to have to kill ya so i wont do that.
The way we did things the first two times didnt work ... both on defense and offense.
We got a couple of things in the cookie jar that we'll break out so we'll see how that works.

On Jonathan Gibson's three-point game streak:
"We lmost broke that streak at Utah State when we were down late in the game. It was pretty much over and he was going to dribble it out but I told him to just pull up and shoot to keep the streak alive."

Jonathan Gibson on what could be his last performance in Crimson and White:

"I'm gonna go out there and play every game like its my last like i did tonight -- Execute, play defense and stay defensive-minded. I'm out there to get the 'W.'"

Jahmar Young on his performance against SJSU:

"I can go a whole half without scoring until the last two minutes. Once i get my team off, it's a whole lot better because then I can just jump in the mix and contribute."

On tonight's game vs. Nevada:

"It's going to go down. It's goig to be a showdown. The harder we play, the better opportunity we have."

SJSU coach George Nessman on Wendell McKines' performance and the Aggie bigs:

"In terms of Wendell's athleticism, what do you want us to do? Jump above the rim? Wendell can go get the ball where we can't go get it. Give Wendell credit for that. His tenacity, I mean -- there's no gameplan for someone's tenacity.

"In terms of dealing with their bigs in the post, in previous games we double-teamed them. In this game, we didn't.
They didn't score so much on just post play, they scored on extra-effort plays. Wendell is probably the best extra-effort player in the league. I don't think there's an antidote for that. There's nothing you can do except to play as hard as you can against him. I've watched Wendell play since he was a sophomore in high school. Everyone at this table is fully aware of what Wendell can do.
Nothin hed did tonight surprised us."

On the Spartans' season:

"We made some strides this year but we all feel a little empty right now because the last couple of weeks didnt go as we had hoped. We feel like we fumbled it at the 3-yard-line right now.
This is the first time that San Jose has been in the WAC that we've actually been in the race. At the midway point, we were 5-3 and right in the race.

We didnt finish as strongly as we'd like but it takes a lot to get in the race in the WAC. This is one of the top-10 basketball conferences in America and our guys know how hard it was to get to that point. Now they know how much harder it's going to be to get to the next point, so I think that lesson is very instructive for us."

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